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Decks - treat decks, including yacht decks, for mold, slime and other organic growth.


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Boracol Deck Treatment

Decks, patios and balconies can all be treated to preserve the timber decking or masonry tiles, slates, slabs or concrete. To treat decks for mold we supply a special Mold Cleaner. The prevent future mold or rot we recommend Boracol 10RH and 5RH treatments, by brush or spray. For concrete, slabs, slate or tiles a Water Repellent finish helps to maintain a clean surface. For Yacht Decks, as recommended by Halberg-Rassey, we supply Boracol 10RH and 5RH, as a preservative to be applied to teak decks twice per Season. The Hallberg-Rassey Yacht Manual contains a specific recommendation to use Boracol: Click to read the Hallberg-Rassey Owners Manual section on looking after Teak Decks.

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