How much Boron do I need for Wood Worm and Dry Rot?

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BORON ULTRA 12 - Surface Treatment - how much diluted product will I need for two lightly sprayed coats

1. Spraying floors - terraced house: 7.5 to 10 litres per floor, or, for a detached house: 25 - 35 litres per floor

2. Spraying roofs - terraced house: 20 - 50 litres per roof, or, for a detached house: 30 - 90 litres per roof


Concentration: 5% - 1kg of powder per 25 litres of water for Woodworm (mild to medium attacks) and

10-12% - 2.5 kgs of powder per 25 litres of water for Woodworm (heavy attack), Death Watch Beetle, Dry Rot and Wet Rot.


1 litre of water requires 40 grams of powder to be diluted in water to give a 5% B.A.E. Solution - woodworm treatment

1 litre of water requires 80 to 100 grams of powder to be diluted in water to give a 10 - 12% B.A.E. Solution - Dry Rot treatment


NOTE - a 5% solution is cleared for Amateur, DIY and Professional Trade use. For Amateur DIY use in cases where a higher strength is required simply double the number of coats.

In cold weather the low water temperature may cause some powder to fall to the bottom of the container - this is not a fault - the product has reached saturation. Warming up the solution will reverse the process.

Optional Products:

: Pump up Sprayer 12 litre

: Mask for water based sprays

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BORON ULTRA GEL - Surface Treatment - per brush coat

1. Smooth timber - 0.25 litres per square metre = 4 square metres per litre

2. Rough timber and end grain - 0.5 to 1 litre per square metre

BORON RODS AND PASTE - into holes in the timber - hole size and spacing

1. Rods - 10mm diameter holes, to 15mm from opposing face, 100mm centres along the grain, 75mm centres across the grain

2. Paste - 8 - 10mm diameter holes, to 15mm from opposing face, 100mm centres along the grain, 75mm centres across the grain

Use Paste alone for indoor timbers not subject to re-wetting (e.g. joists, tie beams) and Paste and Rods together in all timbers, indoor or outdoor, subject to re-wetting, seasonal or continuous (e.g. window frames, garden posts).


Use Wood Preservatives and Biocides safely. Always read the label and product information Data Sheet before use.

Wear the correct safety equipment and keep unprotected people and animals out of the treated area for the statutory period given on the label, or until surfaces are dry, which ever is the longer.

All products have some hazards and the COSHH Regulations (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) apply to ALL building repair and construction products that we sell, even Cement.

If in doubt consult us for free technical help. Take care not to contaminate soil, waterways or the environment with the product or the waste and packaging. These can be returned to us for disposal.

Avoid using any type of chemical in your home if any of the following are likely to come into contact with the spray or treated surfaces: animals, fish, birds, babies, young children, asthmatics, pregnant women or those vulnerable due to ill health.

On-going European reclassification of Pesticides has resulted in our Borax product having to carry a warning label (for the first time since 1890) on all products used at over 5.5% BAE concentration. This label is a warning that if you eat the product and then became pregnant you might give birth to a slightly underweight baby, or suffer a slight reduction in the size of your testes. The tests, on rats, required them to eat the human equivalent of 18 level teaspoons full of Borate (DOT) per day for 2 years. We believe that you are unlikely to do this and the lack of any other negative evidence, despite the severe European Review process, suggests that this product is very safe indeed.

Woodworm treatment products do not need to even reach the 5% concentration level to be effective, so are not subject to any additional labelling, because of their unblemished safety record.

See our Technical section for more information.

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