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How to Seal Drives, Paths, Patios, Slates, Tiles and Slabs - repel moisture, dirt, slime & mould


Ultra Proof - the best repellent treatment for Patios, Drives and paved areas. Applied in one brush or spray coat. It forms a clear layer, repelling moisture and preventing the growth of slime and algae. Apply after cleaning - use our cleansing wash or a pressure washer.

Ultra Proof benefits;

  1. Rapid drying - 2 hours max.
  2. Easy to apply
  3. Clear finish
  4. Only need one coat for full protection
  5. Brush or spray on
  6. Non staining
  7. Impermeable to rain and frost
  8. Resists traffic wear

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Ultra Seal on a tile

Ultra Proof on terracotta tiles


Available in 5 litre and 25 litre cans, ready to use

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Treatment Conditions

- use our Mold Cleaner Concentrate, diluted in water, to clean dirty concrete, stones, bricks and wood before sealing

- remove all surface dirt to avoid trapping it below the coating

- avoid periods of rain or high humidity

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