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Stop the rot in garden and house posts, frames and joists.

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POST SAVER - a treatment kit to kill and prevent Insect, wet and dry rot attack in outdoor posts


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'Boron' is a generic term (more correctly used for the Element Boron) applied to a range of Borax Boron Compounds known as Borates and sold under the names D.O.T., Timbor, Tim Bor and Borax, all made by the company U.S. Borax, of '20 Mule Team Train' fame.

1. BORON RODS - Solid Rods for Embedding - available as a Kit for standard posts (3" x 3" and 4" x 4")

These solid rods of Boron based preservative are used to protect timbers which are constantly or occasionally damp: garden fence posts, external joinery, wall plates, embedded beam ends, house deck support posts etc. They can also be used in conjunction with BORON Paste, to act as a long term reservoir (Standard Sizes - 8mm x 24mm and 8mm x 65mm).

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As Specified by Railtrack, B.T. and Electricity Supply Companies for their transmission Poles.

Telephone pole being drilled for Boron Rod insertionDrilling a fence post for Boron Rod insertionDrilling a telegraph pole for Boron rod insertion Postion diagram for Boron Rods in window framesPosition diagram for Boron Rods in window frameSpread of Boron preservative inside window cill and window frameSpread of Boron inside a joist end

Electricity Pole for Drilling. Fence post being drilled. Telephone Pole. Window frame and joist diagrams for Boron Rod and Paste positions.

2. BORON ULTRA Paste - Deep Injected Treatment

A unique Boron based paste using a special blend of technical grade glycols as carriers. It can be injected into timber, with the advantage of supplying a highly concentrated mobile preservative which will spread even at low moisture content levels. Simple to apply with a standard skeleton gun; more effective to use because of the higher available level of active content, which allows the use of smaller (8mm, rather than 10mm) and/or fewer drill holes. How much do I need? Click here

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Also available - Timber Paste for dry wood - ideal for fully indoor structural timbers that are suffering from Death Watch Beetle, House Longhorn Beetle or Termites.

3. BORON ULTRA GEL - Surface Applied Gel

An active clear Gel ideal for end grain and bearing area treatment of posts, beams and joists. Also useful for medium to heavy active infestations of insect attack and treatment of new timbers for use in vulnerable areas (e.g. fencing). How much do I need? Click here.

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Benefits of Borate based products

* no odour

* non-flammable (actually retards flame spread)

* does not evaporate (stays in the timber or masonry, unlike some other chemicals)

* low mammalian toxicity

* world-wide safety reputation

* kills wood boring insects only (not spiders etc.) and all types of rot

* 1 hour re-entry time for all three uses of liquids

Technical Support

All 'Ultra Kit' products are supported technically with Method Statements, Specifications and a comprehensive Project Mentoring Program. Please ask for our Project Mentoring Service. Contact us aT: 01626 872886 or help@propertyrepairsystems.co.uk


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'Boron' is a generic term (more correctly used for the Element Boron) applied to a range of Boron Compounds known as Borates and sold under the names D.O.T., Timbor, Tim Bor and Borax, all made by the company U. S. Borax, of '20 Mule Team Train' fame.

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