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Decking Surfaces - Caravan Decks and Outdoor Timbers - how to prevent Mould, Slime, Insect and Rot Attack, with natural Fire Suppression - use Ultra Boracols.

For Certificated clear Fire Retardant Treatment of decking - use Ultrafire - for details click here

Treat Caravan Decking for Mold, Slime, Insects, Rot and Fire Suppression

Treatment Method - a single annual treatment for beautiful timber decks, patios and wooden outdoor furniture

1. Wash to remove all dirt and coatings (some manufacturers do not recommend pressure washing their products - check first)

2. Allow the surface to dry out until just damp

3. Apply one coat of Ultra Boracol

4. Allow the surface to dry out until just damp again

5. Apply a second coat of Boracol 10 to refusal

6. If using Boracol 5 repeat the process, applying a total of 3 coats.

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Treated deck over untreated deck

Typical Decking Mold and Slime Growth

Compare previously treated and untreated deck.

Patio Slabs

uncleaned slabs on patioCleaned slab - Boracol 10RH

Typical Mold and Slime on Patio Slabs - compare with a Slab treated with Ultra Boracol


Concrete steps after Steps after 12 months having been Boracol treated

Steps above - treated - right above - Ultra Boracol treated steps still clean after 12 months

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Conditions for best treatment

1. Avoid periods of rapid drying (strong sunlight, warm winds) to prevent the product drying only onto the top surface

2. Ideally, treat at the beginning of your Summer Season, to inhibit mould & slime growth - say April or May in the UK

3. Avoid overcoating with non-breathing coatings, as these can trap moisture in the timber

4. Do not sand the surfaces (this will spoil the anti skid properties)

5. For ultimate decking treatment apply again at the end of the Summer, say in September in the UK.

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Treatment Product - Ultra Boracol 10 and Ultra Boracol 5 - kill mold and slime outdoors

Surface Treatment - for outdoor timber decking, paved patios, paviers, fence paneling, cladding and garden furniture

A Boron based clear liquid, designed to treat timber by brush, spray or roller. It avoids the hazard problems of many liquid preservatives by using only water and glycol as carriers. It can also be used in most situations to replace other less ‘friendly’ contact type insecticides, including Permethrin.

Description - 1 litre, 2.5 litres, 5 litres or 25 litres, ready to use, water and Glycol based, clear, non-staining, quick drying treatment to prevent Mould Growth, Staining and Spotting, Slime and all kinds of rot and insect attack. It is a natural Fire Suppressant, inhibiting surface spread of flame.

Ultra Boracol 10 - for Professional, Trade Use

Ultra Boracol 5 - for Amateur, DIY Use

Limitations - Boracols do not restore colour or remove natural oxidation 'silvering'. If you want to return the timber to its original colour you will need to sand thoroughly and then carry out the Boracol treatment. Boracols are not UV Light resistant, so if you want to keep the original colour you will need to apply a wood coating AFTER the Boracol has thoroughly dried.

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* prevents slime, mould and rot

* non-flammable (actually retards surface flame spread)

* does not evaporate (stays in the timber or masonry, unlike some other chemicals)

* low mammalian toxicity

* world-wide safety reputation

* kills insects and rots

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Timber Treatment for Decking Structure Supports and Frames - Caravan Decks and Outdoor Timbers - how to treat and prevent Insect and Rot Attack.

1. BORON ULTRA BRUSHING GEL 20% or GEL 5% - Surface Applied Gel

A 20% or 5% active clear Gel ideal for end grain and bearing area treatment of beams and joists. Also useful for medium to heavy active infestations of insect attack and treatment of new timbers for use in vulnerable areas (e.g. cut ends, bolt and screw holes). Use as a lubricant and preservative where nails, screws, bolts or plates come into contact with wood.

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2. BORACOL B40 Injection Gel - Deep Injected Treatment

A unique SUPER STRENGTH paste using a special blend of technical grade glycols as carriers. It can be injected into timber, with the advantage of supplying a highly concentrated mobile preservative which will spread even at low moisture content levels. Simple to apply with a standard skeleton gun; more effective to use because of the higher available level of active content, which allows the use of smaller (8mm, rather than 10mm) and/or fewer drill holes. Use in conjunction with Boron Rods.

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3. BORON ULTRA RODS - Solid Rods for embedding in holes

These solid rods of HIGH STRENGTH Boron are used to protect timbers which are constantly or occasionally damp: external joinery, wall plates, embedded beam ends, posts etc. They can also be used in conjunction with Boracol B40 Injection Gel, to act as a long term reservoir (Standard Sizes - 8mm x 24mm and 8mm x 65mm, 50mm x 12mm and 100mm x 12mm.)

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Technical Support

All 'Ultra Kit' products are supported technically with Method Statements, Specifications and a comprehensive Project Mentoring Program. Contact us at: 01626 872886 or

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Examples of main uses for Ultra Boracol 10 and Ultra Boracol 5

A. Yacht decks - as recommended by leading yacht manufacturers

B. House Decks - patios, stairs and softwood planking

C. Paneling& fencing - wall cladding and decorative coverings

D. Furniture - outdoor hardwood and softwood, including teak and oak

E. Caravans - outdoor decking and wood furniture

F. Motor Homes - plywood flooring

G. Narrow Boats - plywood flooring and bilge ballast

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Use Wood Preservatives and Biocides safely. Always read the label and product information Data Sheet before use.

Wear the correct safety equipment and keep unprotected people and animals out of the treated area for the statutory period given on the label, or until surfaces are dry, which ever is the longer.

All products have some hazards and the COSHH Regulations (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) apply to ALL building repair and construction products that we sell, even Cement.

If in doubt consult us for free technical help. Take care not to contaminate soil, waterways or the environment with the product or the waste and packaging. These can be returned to us for disposal.

Avoid using any type of chemical in your home if any of the following are likely to come into contact with the spray or treated surfaces: animals, fish, birds, babies, young children, asthmatics, pregnant women or those vulnerable due to ill health.

Ongoing European reclassification of Pesticides has resulted in our Borax product having to carry a warning label (for the first time since 1890) on all products used at over 5.5% BAE concentration. This label is a warning that if you eat the product and then became pregnant you might give birth to a slightly underweight baby, or suffer a slight reduction in the size of your testes. The tests, on rats, required them to eat the human equivalent of 18 level teaspoons full of Borate (DOT) per day for 2 years. We believe that you are unlikely to do this and the lack of any other negative evidence, despite the severe European Review process, suggests that this product is very safe indeed.

Woodworm treatment products do not need to even reach the 5% concentration level to be effective, so are not subject to any additional labeling, because of their unblemished safety record.

See our Technical section for more information.

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