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Reference Sources

Manufacturer of the raw material - U.S.Rio Tinto Borax, 26877 Tourney Road, Valencia, California 91355-1847 U.S.A.

Principal Boron Mine - the town of 'Boron', California, since 1927

Occupational Study of Miners - International Symposium on the Health Effects of Boron and its Compounds, 1992

Study of Leaching Out - A Reappraisal, J.D.Lloyd, B.W.P.D.A. Convention 1995

Borates v Termites - Timbor Professional, U.S. Borax

The Progress of Boron - The Professional Treater, April 1998

BBA Certificate (example) - Channelwood Systems Limited, 99/3587

Effectiveness v Common Furniture Beetle - European Standard BS EN 49-1:1992

Heritage and Conservation Timber Repair Sites - a few examples

Listed Building - Dry Rot Repairs - Bindon House

Bindon House Hotel

The Darlington Hotel, Wadebridge

The Bell Inn, Brixham

White Horse House, Binton, Stratford on Avon

Stretton Sugwas Church - Worcester

Sherbourne School - Sherbourne, Dorset

Christow Church - Christow, Exeter, Devon

Millbridge Cottages - Gloucester (Department of Transport)

Reykjavik Cathedral - Iceland

Dartmouth Castle - Dartmouth, Devon (English Heritage)

Historic Scotland Sites:

Taymouth Castle

Glasgow University

Grennock Town Hall

St Giles Cathedral (Borons)

National Trust HQ (Borons)

For further examples and Case Studies please contact David Moore on 01626 872886 or request our CD ROM.

Ring Beam Repairs - Christow Church

Christow Church, Devon

'Boron' is a generic term (more correctly used for the Element Boron) applied to a range of Boron Compounds known as Borates and sold under the names D.O.T., Timbor, Tim Bor and Borax, all made by the company U. S. Rio Tinto Borax, of '20 Mule Team Train' fame.

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